I Champion Girls' Worth and Dismantle Harmful Narratives.

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About Me

Hey, I’m Victoria, a 26 year-old Melbournian, with a background in startups and marketing, I recently underwent a significant transformation.

I accepted a job at an OnlyFans agency, responsible for managing and growing accounts, and recruiting girls to the platform.

Like many, I was unaware of the industry's harsh reality.

After attending a talk on the harms of sexualization, objectification, pornography, and trafficking, I realized the extent of my contribution to these issues.

Five days after hearing this talk, I had quit the agency.

My Mission

My mission now is to educate and equip individuals, especially young women, to break free from harmful narratives perpetuated by mainstream social media.

Through my work, I aim to challenge these lies and provide practical tools and resources for immediate implementation.

I aim to empower our youth by helping them realize that they don’t need to strive to become a ‘gem’; their intrinsic worth is already as valuable as any gemstone.

My goal is to guide them in rediscovering their inherent preciousness, enabling them to create lives that reflect this profound sense of worth.

What I do

I provide empowering sessions for young women, drawing from my personal journey and insights to address modern challenges. I offer practical solutions for navigating these complexities.

Empowerment through Dialogue

Through open dialogue and support mechanisms, I empower young women to make informed decisions and navigate digital spaces safely. With practical methods which are able to be implemented immediately and taken as tools for life.

Prevention Education

My goal is to empower young women with informed and healthy choices in today's digital landscape. As they step into social media realms, I help them understand and resist the immediate objectification and exploitation they may encounter. False promises of fame and financial gain often lead to cycles of exploitation and erode self-worth, pushing individuals beyond their comfort zones under external pressures.

Facing Realities

Social media's glamorization of industries like OnlyFans hides harsh realities. Urgent awareness and support efforts are crucial to help young women recognize these dangers, safeguard their well-being, and resist exploitation.

Your partnership can make a meaningful difference in empowering young minds and promoting digital safety and self-worth among students and young women.

By becoming a partner to our cause, you are helping to reach more schools and platforms to spread this vital message.

Your investment goes directly towards setting up educational resources, organizing impactful presentations and workshops, and expanding our reach on digital platforms.

Additionally, your generosity aids in creating engaging and informative materials that resonate with our audience, fostering a culture of empowerment and awareness.

Join me in creating a new culture where women’s bodies aren’t commodities and where our children aren’t brainwashed into valuing themselves solely based on appearance.

I look forward to exploring how together we can inspire our youth to dream big dreams once again!

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